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Hand crafted, North American quality!

All our Loopers and Pedals are hand built one at a time by extremely experienced electronic wizards. They are meticulosity soldered and quality checked every step of the way, once the wiring is complete, they are burned in and thoroughly tested in a live style setup, with effects plugged in and amps on, not just tested with a meter. We go to great lengths to make sure that you are getting the very best in design, function and sound.

From our beautiful and exclusive 3mm thick anodized aluminum enclosures to the best quality parts available, our True Bypass Loopers are the "best of the best". We load our gorgeous boxes with superior quality Neutrik® jacks, Taiwan Blue 3PDT switches and audiophile grade hookup Wire.

Browse through our site, if you have any questions give us a call or shoot us an email, we are here to help you build your dream rig!

A little back ground on this True Bypass stuff...

Most players know that if your running effects pedals that do not have true bypass switching (which would be most of the pedals out there) you are loosing your tone and gain along the way. When the effect pedal is off – your guitar signal is still going through part of the pedal circuitry. The more effects in your signal chain the more loss of tone. Even knowing that this is happening, it is hard to give up your favourite pedals, that's where our True Bypass Switching looper comes in.

Road Rage True Bypass Loopers can quickly and affordably bring back your tone! Just plug your effect into a true bypass loop (send and return) and use the switch on our system to send your guitar signal to the effect. When you switch the loop On, the circuit to the effect is active and your effect works as normal, switch the loop Off, the circuit bypasses the effect entirely. The perfect solution!

We all spend a small fortune on our guitars and amps, why?... because they have the tone we want. All players, bassists too, should be using a Road Rage True Bypass Looper to keep those tone sucking pedals out of your signal chain.

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